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Todd  Burkhalter

 Have you ever known those individuals who seem to skate through life? Maybe that couple that seems to have it all together? Typically those individuals A) Haven’t always been that way or B) Simply decided to be very intentional about creating a change in their life.

But how do you do it?

Creating change isn’t easy, but it takes focus, direction and accountability.

Todd Burkhalter helps individuals, couples and businesses achieve more. Todd is the founder of Drive Planning, an organization that creates an intentional approach to a successful life. Using numerous resources Drive Planning helps you to know more about yourself, your spouse and your personal finances. Knowing where you are and then determining where you want to go are the first steps towards your intentional approach.

Drive Planning helps to develop 90 Day Action Items that better your relationships, your health and your personal finances. So, simply maintain focus and effort for 90 Days and then revisit to cast the next set of action items. You will know what to do and have a team to help you accomplish your action list. It just works!

Todd’s 20 year career has been centered on helping others achieve more. He has been recognized throughout his industry as a leader. Most notably Todd is a 6X recipient/recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top Wealth Managers by Atlanta Magazine. Newsweek named his firm Tops in the Southeast. Connect with Todd on line via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. His articles are published frequently in Financial Planning Magazine or on his personal site The Life You Can Afford to Live.


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