In order to ensure that things start smoothly, be prepared to gather a number of documents. Having these documents assembled ahead of time will help expedite the first critical step in obtaining a home loan.

Certain documents will be required on all mortgage loans.  Other documents may be requested from the underwriter on a case by case basis according to your specific loan program and your credit worthiness.  The following documents are the most commonly required for the loan process. Click here for a printable document checklist.



  • Most recent pay stubs for last 30 consecutive days.
  • W-2 statements for most recent two years.
  • Most recent two years complete tax returns, including all schedules.
  • Most recent checking and/or savings, stocks, bonds, IRA, 401K (or other retirement account) covering most recent 60 days.
  • Address and phone number for all employers for most recent two years.
  • Clear copy of drivers license.
  • Clear copy of Social Security card.
  • Copy of current business license (as applicable).
  • Copy of divorce decree or separation agreement (as applicable).
  • Copy of social security, pension, and/or retirement award letters (as applicable).
  • Copy of DD214 (for VA loans).
  • Copy of VA Certificate of Eligibility (for VA loans).

Again, having the items on the checklist available during your initial meeting will help expedite the application process.  If you don’t have all of the items available, it’s better to piece-mail items as opposed to delaying the application as it’s possible that some items may not be mandatory (e.g. typically a SS card will not be required if there’s another government-issued document displaying the social security number such as a W-2).


  • Final purchase contract for home as applicable.
  • Copy of cleared/cancelled earnest money deposit.
  • Evidence of mortgage or rent payments (cancelled checks).
  • Letter of explanation for any debts or items listed on credit report that have reported as being delinquent.
  • Copy of homeowners insurance declarations page.


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