Whether you’re ready to get fully pre-approved or you just want a basic pre-qualification letter, applying now is easy.

Want a better understand of the differences between the two?  No problem.  Read more about pre-approval and pre-qualification. Safeguarding your personal information is vitally important to me.  Taking the steps below ensures the highest level of security for your personal information.  

By clicking Apply Now you’ll be taken through our corporate server to our Full Secure Application page, designed exclusively for Bay Equity Home Loan clients.  Here you can complete a detailed loan application. We use a secure encrypted data stream to our online data center to keep your personal information safe. 

Again, rest assured that your privacy is vitally important to us. Apply Online Today with Craig Berry  to create your very own secure, custom Username and Password.  You’ll be able to enter detailed loan application information which allows me to generate a more complete, bona fide pre-approval letter.  Although I’ll be notified after you’ve applied, please take one more step to notify me after you’ve completed your application.  That way I can follow up with you immediately.  You can do this by filling out your contact info below or by reaching out to me via cell phone or text message.







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