Awesome testimonial from two of my favorite clients, Cliff & April Seal.


Thanks again Craig for your outstanding work and effort to follow through on your word. It’s rare in this industry as we know it to work with others who have the dignity and passion to provide outstanding customer care with grace and elegance. I hope your company appreciates someone as yourself. Let’s connect for a drink one day when you have a free moment… Wishing you many blessings my friend!
Kirk Ricketts, New Home Specialist
Traton Homes


In this ever changing economy it is refreshing to find someone that still has values and work ethics, and is willing to do their job. I recently worked with Craig Berry. He was very professional, efficient, and caring. He was there for our client from the purchase application, all the way to the closing. Even though this particular closing was far from ordinary he was willing to go the extra mile to make sure our client got the home she wanted with the best loan possible!
Shirley Easterwood, Realtor
Hardy Realty



Amazing! That is the best word to describe me and my wife’s experience using Craig to buy our first home.
We, like many first time home buyers, had lots of questions about everything with the process of buying a home. We were nervous and unsure about the whole process. Craig has a way of answering every question in a non-condescending way that made us feel very comfortable. He took every call (sometimes at night!) and was always involved in the process.
I can honestly say I have no desire to use anyone else after such a good experience. Craig was someone that earned our trust and I will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy lender
Drew & Lauren Ward
Roswell, GA



I highly recommend working with Craig Berry at Access National Mortgage for any mortgage needs.
Craig goes above and beyond to get the job done right the first time while taking the time to explain every detail and step along the way.  Having worked with Craig professionally through my clients, and now on a personal level as well, I can vouch for Craig’s attention to detail, dedicated follow-up and friendly, accommodating manner.  Our closing went off without a hitch, in the time promised and with no surprises … just what a perfect mortgage experience should be!
Thank you again for a job well done!!
Lisa Decker, CDFA
Divorce Money Matters



Craig made the purchase of our home seamless.  My wife and I originally reached out to our local credit union for a loan, while their rate was competitive their service was terrible.  Not only was Craig able to get us the best rate, but was available any time of day or night (unlike any credit union or bank).  The most impressive thing was his response time to questions and his in depth knowledge regarding loans.  His passion for the industry is obvious and true.
This was our second home we’ve purchased and this was by far the easiest.  If there is a third home in our future, no question we will be utilizing his great service again.  Thanks Craig!
Michael & Edith Marchman
Dallas, GA



Hi Lisa,
Thanks for providing me with the contact information for Mr. Berry.  I called him Monday and thought I’d let you know about my experience with him. As you recall, my particular situation is very complex.  Even though Mr. Berry’s company was not able to provide me with a home loan, he was very helpful throughout the process.  In spite of the fact that he knew there was nothing in it for him, he continued to research my particular situation and gave me suggestions for other financing avenues.  I appreciate his helpfulness, and I think he would continue to be a valuable referral source to your clients.  Just thought I’d let you know.
Best regards,
Yvonne Dwyer



Hello Craig –
I just want to thank you again for all that you’ve done to make this happen. I know that there were others involved as well but I developed a relationship with you that I will always reflect on with a smile.
You have such an upbeat attitude and outlook even when things didn’t look too promising. You carried the burdens without sharing the stress with us at times that perhaps you should have.
I pray you God’s love and the happiness that He has planned for you that you’re not even aware of at this time. Looking forward to connecting in the near future.
God’s peace, love, and His grace to you and yours. 
Betty & Rob Myers




RE: Letter of Endorsement
As a first-time home buyer, I read many different websites and books on how the process worked. This left me with the thought that I would need to shop around for a lender to make sure I got the best deal possible. My realtor recommended Craig Berry and I was done searching.
From the first phone call and email to the last, every communication was prompt, courteous, and (sometimes) hilarious. Craig has an easy-going nature that makes the process much more tolerable. Any question (and I had many throughout the whole process) was answered and if the answer wasn’t known then Craig always got the answer and replied back. I would like to also state that it was very rare that Craig didn’t know the answer. I think I may have stumped him maybe once. But at any stage or knowledge level, Craig will give you all the information required to make informed decisions.
Also, getting paperwork done was simple and easy. Craig is *NOT* technologically challenged so this made getting the loan application and the multitude of various paperwork back and forth a snap. Just another way that Craig helps to get things done in a busy world.
Another positive about Craig is his ability to work with the various parties in a real estate transaction. He was able to easily work with my agent and the seller’s agent. This meant that when it was time to close; Craig had everything ready (including the most important part – the money!!!).
I unreservedly recommend Craig to anyone needing his services. It will be the easiest and best decision you will make.
Paul Beechner
Senior Software Engineer, Shaw Industries Inc.
Canton, GA


I recommend all of my clients to Craig, not only has Craig been able to get some of the best rates available but the service he provides is excellent. Craig explains the lending process in an easy to understand, common sense sort of way that makes buyers comfortable with the loan process. I not only recommend Craig to all of my clients but as a licensed real estate agent he is my go to guy whenever I myself have questions. I gladly endorse Craig as I know that he will do an excellent job for all of his clients.
John Novay, Realtor
Dorsey Alston



I recently obtained a new mortgage for my house to take advantage of low interest rates and obtain funds to renovate our house.  Although getting a new mortgage seems straight forward, in this market it is not. One needs a well seasoned expert and compassionate mortgage consultant to make the mortgage process a success.
I was very fortunate to have Craig Berry to be my mortgage consultant.  Craig worked with me to fully explain all mortgage plans that are available and select the proper mortgage for my particular need.  Craig worked patiently with me to get the lowest rate possible at that time and lock in the rate at the appropriate time.
Later during the approval phase, Craig was in almost daily contact with me to ensure all issues were properly addressed and the paper work was moving efficiently through the Access National Mortgage screener s and legal teams.  I felt Craig was definitely on my side to keep the approval process moving in the limited time frame.  I give Craig Berry a Five Stars rating (highest rating available).  So if you are even thinking about getting a new mortgage or refinancing your house to take advantage of super low interest rates, contact Craig Berry.
Leonard Pastula
US Department of Defense
Madison, AL


First of all, my wife Chelsea and I would like to thank Craig Berry for all his help in buying our first house.  Please share our experience with other potential buyers so they too can enjoy working with you and your company.
As you know we have been looking for a house since late October 2009.  Being first time home buyers, we were relatively new to home buying process.  We did take a class on buying a house, but as you know a class can’t teach you everything.  We still found it somewhat confusing to interpret the fees and technical jargon when buying a home. We tried to close on a house in late November.  We chose to work with a different major bank.
We found the process to be everything but easy.  We had inflated numbers that were disproportionate for the interest rate we were locked at.  We had numbers quoted for closing that were a few thousand dollars increased.  We had confusion on what cash was needed at closing.  Due to tight numbers, we were unable to get our loan approved by underwriters and lost the house.  We decided to take a break and save some more money and remove some debt to improve our ability to secure a loan.
At the end of the January we called the same bank to give us an estimate with our updated information.  We were given a drastically lower pre-approval amount despite the efforts we had taken to reduce costs.  At this point my wife and I decided we were done with this process.  We had nothing but frustration and time wasting conversations.
Through a friend at work, we heard of Craig Berry.  He came with such a great recommendation, that we decided to try one more time, with Craig.  At this time, we believed buying a home to be stressful, frustrating, and difficult.  However, with Craig, we were pleasantly surprised. Not only did Craig take the time to explain all issues concerning home loans, but was able to explain much more about the home buying process.  When Craig gave us our Good Faith Estimate we expected numbers to be different at closing.  Our good faith estimate was so close that the only thing that was slightly off was our monthly payment and that was within five dollars of what we were quoted.
To our relief we finally got a home, we got the satisfaction of walking away from closing without any surprise costs, no sick tastes in your mouth, no sick stomachs, basically closing was an affirmation that what we trusted the right people. We got what we thought we were getting all along with no hiccups, and virtually frustration free. We were elated with the time he took with us to explain things, the exact numbers we were given, the personal and upfront nature, and the experience we had from application to closing.
We would not hesitate to use Craig Berry again, and look forward to working with them in the future.  Access National has a great asset for a sales manager, and hope this letter will go a long way to show our appreciation.
Thank you very much for everything!
David and Chelsea Hunsberger
Canton, GA




It is with great pleasure that I recommend Access National Mortgage and, in particular, Mr. Craig Berry for your consideration as the company of choice in managing and executing your specific primary and secondary mortgage financial matters.
While re-financing my current home, I found Mr. Berry to be an outstanding resource for information and possible options regarding the refinancing of my current mortgage.  His aggressiveness in coordinating all legal and administrative matters while continually keeping me in the loop was far superior to any previous financial managers I’ve previously experienced and his ability to anticipate and resolve possible administrative pitfalls shortened the time span of refinancing my mortgage to only two weeks.  Moreover, Craig made certain that the paperwork was as effortless as possible while establishing a mortgage rate well below that found with most banks and mortgage companies at that time.
I enthusiastically recommend Craig Berry and his team at Access National Mortgage for all of your mortgage financial matters in the future.  Should you desire more information on his effectiveness and ability to save you money, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Michael A. Reed
Engineering Director, C-130 Programs
Lockheed Martin
Marietta, GA



Experience counts!
I recently worked with Craig Berry on a transaction after my buyers were declined by our preferred, in-house lender.  My clients were new to home buying, anxious to get into their first home.
Unfortunately for my clients, after my in-house lender (a large, nationally known bank) couldn’t get them approved, I didn’t have high hopes for getting them into their dream home.  Craig took the ball and ran with it, constantly communicating with me and my buyers.  He gently guided my clients through the buying process, step-by-step.
Craig’s diligence, combined with his knowledge and guidance throughout the transaction, assured both me and my clients that we were in the best of hands.  By thinking outside of the box, not only was Craig able to get the deal closed, we closed early!
It’s a pleasure to do business with a competent mortgage professional like Craig Berry.
Peggy Bowler, Realtor
Prudential Georgia
Cumming, GA


Who really wants to refinance?  I know we all want to save money but a refi?  Are you kidding?  The hassle – gathering ALL that paperwork – W2’s, Tax Forms, Pay vouchers, Driver License, Social Security, your First Born, who wants all THAT!  But if you’re really serious about saving thousands of dollars each year – call Craig.  He works with you gathering all the required paperwork and he actually makes refinancing easier than a root canal.
Craig worked with me on my loan, he searched out the best loan to fit my needs not his, and he actually educated me on all the choices I had!  I didn’t realize there were so many different types of loans and interest rates there were all over the board.  But Craig was patient with me, actually explaining each loan option, providing the benefits of each one and working together we decided the best loan option for me.  I found Craig to be an honest and hard working guy who really wanted the best for me.  He constantly stayed in touch with me through-out the entire loan process, and at closing, due to job constants he made special arrangements to meet my wife and me across town.  He even brought along his closing attorney – now how convenient is THAT!
I’m literally saving thousands of dollars each year, and in today’s hard economic times who doesn’t want that kind of savings.
Steven Heup
Senior Marketing Manager
Dacula, GA


This is a letter stating how satisfied I was with my recent refinance of my house.  Working with Craig Berry was not only educating (he explained everything about percentages, loans, numbers, etc.) but very easy and not stressful at all. Craig bent over backwards to get us the best rate and make sure every T was crossed and every I was dotted before we finalized our deal.  We even had a last minute problem that Craig fixed and took care of before it got to a big problem.
Many people are scared to refinance due to stress, money and other factors. I would refinance again and again with Craig because he made it so easy and affordable. We ended up saving a lot of money without have to spend a lot of money.
This letter is not only a letter of recommendation but a letter to say thanks to Craig for all the hard work.
Greg Klein
School Teacher
Cobb County School District
Acworth, GA


I received a mortgage loan for my home loan and experienced nothing but satisfaction with Craig Berry.  Although we occasionally ran into to some hurdles in the process, Craig was always right on task and working for me!  I have never encountered a more dedicated individual treating the customer as personal as he did!  I would greatly refer anyone seeking a loan to him.
Tammy Royal
Millen, GA
“5 STAR Craig Berry”
I can count the number of times I have rated someone or something perfect on two fingers – Craig is number two.
Exceptional, outstanding, awesome, incredible and other such descriptive words simply are not a part of my day to day vernacular.  I can almost always find a way to make an experience better.  In Craig’s case, I can’t.  I tried, I looked, but I simply could not find anything that could have been done to make my refinancing experience with Craig any better.
Going into the refinancing of my house not knowing Craig, I was apprehensive.  I didn’t know this guy from Adam and I was entrusting him with all my personal information and my biggest investment.  Scary stuff!  Why 5 STAR Craig?  Because I never had to call him, he was always touching base with me; he took the time to explain things; he was seemingly available 24/7 (get a life Craig); he made things happen; he kept things on track and delivered what he promised.  I honestly felt like I was his only client.
If you want someone to handle your mortgage, call Craig.  I am sure there are others out there that can get you the same rate, but I would bet they won’t deliver the same exceptional service that Craig will.
Dale Darsey
VP, Centralized Support
Cumming, GA
We recently used Craig to refinance our home and were thoroughly impressed with his expertise.  Craig took the time to anwer our questions, was friendly and personable, and always followed through to keep the process moving along.  He listened to our needs and recommended the best loan for our situation.
I highly recommend Craig and will use him again.
Eric & Kristy Homansky
Smyrna, GA



This letter is written to acknowledge the superb job that my mortgage lender, Craig Berry, did in handling my refinancing.  He was extremely professional and courteous.  He spent a great deal of time returning calls to me to answer my questions and explain the lending process including changes since the time of my previous loan.  He was prompt in following up with issues and concerns, and in general he was one of the nicest, most personable lenders with whom I’ve ever worked.
Thanks for making the experience such a pleasant one!  I will certainly keep Craig in mind for future mortgage loans.
Tonya Johnson
Powder Springs, GA


I recently refinanced my mortgage for my house to take advantage of low interest rates.
I was very fortunate to be referred to Craig Berry to be my mortgage consultant.  Craig worked with me to fully explain all mortgage plans that are available and select the best possible mortgage for me and my family’s needs. Craig worked with me strategically to get the lowest rate possible at that time and lock in the rate at the perfect time. He is also didn’t push me to close as I was waiting on a couple of items to pan out.
Later during the approval phase, Craig contacted me almost every day to ensure any and all issues were properly addressed and the paper work was moving along as necessary. I definitely felt Craig was in my corner as he kept the approval process moving in the time frame promised.
If you are thinking about getting a new home mortgage or refinancing, I highly recommend Craig Berry.
Vipul Patel
Federal Reserve Bank
Smyrna, GA


Our experience with Craig Berry has exceeded our expectations.  Craig came to us on a recommendation and from the first time we met him in his office to the final closing of our home, Craig was in our corner every step of the way.
I have purchased a home in the past and the lender I worked with barely took an interest in me, let alone the time to explain the process.  Craig armed us with invaluable knowledge, he took the time to clarify the ever-changing nuances of home buying and he made himself available to us days, nights, and weekends and even during the holiday season, which made us feel extra special.
Craig is extremely reliable, thorough and articulate and when the time came to lock-in at the best possible rate, Craig relied on his past experience and we obtained a rate that surely would make other homeowners jealous.   All service professionals should live by the same high standards of service Craig and his team provide to their clients.
We highly recommend Craig Berry to anyone buying or refinancing a home, you are guaranteed a professional, positive experience.
Nathan and Mary Walters
Proud New Homeowners
Roswell, GA


Craig Berry, Senior Mortgage Lender – The Best in the Business!
This is my personal recommendation for Craig Berry.  The purchase of buying a home can be such a frightening endeavor, but Craig took the mystery away.  Craig was great at explaining the whole process of applying for a mortgage and answering all my questions.  He was right on with his numbers so when we got to closing, there were NO surprises.  Everything was exactly as Craig said it would be.
Craig was very professional and responded quickly to all emails and phone calls.  I felt like I was his most important client.  Craig always went above and beyond when it came to customer service.  He is an expert in his field.
If you want the best and most reliable, call Craig!
Virginia Anne Amonds
Lawrenceville, GA

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