Why Home Buyers Need A Mortgage Broker

If you do not know what a mortgage broker does, you are not alone. The Mortgage Professionals Association of Canada took a survey and found that 39 percent of people buying their first home did not know much about what a mortgage broker does and how important they can be to the process of buying a home. When homebuyers are informed about the services of a broker, they are much more likely to seek one out for the mortgage process. When homeowners understand only a little about brokers, only 36 percent are likely to use one, but that number increases to 59 percent and more with the more information they receive. If you don’t know about mortgage lender services, you could be spending thousands more than is necessary. Following is a list of 7 reasons to get a mortgage broker when you are buying a home.

1. A mortgage broker can find lower rates on mortgages.

This is because they have connections to a large number of lenders and rates. They know about loans and rates that credit unions and banks do not advertise to the world.

2. A mortgage broker does not just know about the lowest rates and lenders; they have accessibility to them.

A broker can find a lender and negotiate terms for home buyers. The most experienced mortgage broker has already formed relationships with lenders and banks. When you don’t use a mortgage lender, you risk interest rates that are higher than they have to be and more severe penalties for breaking a mortgage. Not going with a broker can mean paying out thousands more than you would have to otherwise pay.

3. A mortgage broker can customize the mortgage according to your needs.

For example, a Maple Ridge mortgage broker can find lenders that have flexibility with terms of prepayment and the sensitivities involved with self-employment income. Their access to a wider variety of lenders means they are more likely to find a mortgage that suits your situation and has the lowest rates on current mortgages.

4. A mortgage broker is your ally.

You can get information from realtors, but an agent can explain it all to you and help you understand the process. There is no question that a bank is more interested in selling their product than they are in helping you customize the perfect plan for your needs. Banks are not necessarily bad to deal with, but a mortgage broker is less interested in selling a specific product and is there to help you with your unique needs.

5. A mortgage broker will not charge you for their services.

Lenders pay them a commission, but that does not mean the broker will ignore your needs. Brokers work to get you the deal you need because they depend on the referrals of their clients. Feel comfortable in asking prospective mortgage brokers about their compensation. Some critics argue that the cost of commission is passed on to the borrower through the lender. This may be true, but if you are receiving lower interest rates, you will still come out on top.

6. A mortgage broker has experience.

They have dealt with numerous clients in various situations. They know how to consider how life changes and how it can affect mortgage terms. They can explain possible situations that may occur and offer up options for them before you have thought about it yourself. This has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.

7. A mortgage broker adds convenience to home buying.

When you work long hours and have small children and other responsibilities, it can be hard to make and keep appointments with the specialist at a bank. A mortgage broker comes to you at your convenience and explains all of your options, essentially doing all the homework for you. You can ask the questions you want to ask and get to know your broker, which will make you feel more comfortable with the choices they present to you. It is a good idea to build a trustworthy relationship with your agent. Your broker should want to be there for you. Many mortgage lenders make it a point to respond to your emails, texts, and calls, even when the business day is done.

Take the time to find the best broker for your needs. Look up the brokers and look at all the reviews you can find. Ask family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations and ask a potential broker for a list of references. It is a good idea to research mortgage products so you can ask your broker to explain what they are and how they might be used in your situation.

There is no shortage of mortgage brokers. You will find them all over Canada. It is wise to start looking and interviewing brokers before you begin looking for the home you want to buy. When you are looking for a home, you want to be confident about taking out a loan. With a broker, you can enter into the search, knowing you are getting the best mortgage rates with options that are best suited for you.

Choose The Best Mortgage Broker Or Mortgage Lender

In the past, a person who wanted to borrow money went to a nearby bank when it was time to choose a suitable mortgage lender. She would tie her horse up and sashay into the lobby of the bank. The business of lending the money was concluded with a handshake from the bank officer who had checked her financial position and made a decision regarding her ability to pay the loan off successfully.

These days it seems there are banks on every block. You can still meet with a loan officer in person, but that is not a necessity. Loan applications can be made online in many cases. When it is time for the mortgage documents to be signed, a notary may come to visit you in your home or at work. You can get it all done without leaving home.

Get A Mortgage Lender Who Has Good Reviews

If you make your mortgage application online, you no longer have to deal with a bank simply because it is near your home. You don’t have to apply to a particular bank simply because of loyalty if you are one applicant out of millions. The rate of interest on the mortgage or even the cost of the loan is also not the main factor. These days mortgage lenders are very competitive, and they are probably all going to make you a similar offer.

The main thing you need to look for in a mortgage broker is the one who offers the best service to customers. Look for excellent reviews by previous customers when you are shopping for a mortgage lender.

Your Agent Can Help You Find the Best Mortgage Broker

Probably the best person to help you find the ideal mortgage broker is your real estate agent. The real estate agent will be knowledgeable about which mortgage lenders will deliver the goods and which ones do not. Good performance by the mortgage broker is necessary when conducting a real estate transaction. When real estate transactions fail to close on time, it is usually because the lender has been unable to perform.

What To Look For In a Mortgage Lender

The ideal mortgage lender will take responsibility for your mortgage personally. They will be sure to keep in close communication with you, so you receive messages in a timely manner. Important documents will be delivered quickly. They can foresee complications which might arise, and they will take steps proactively to avoid problems. They oversee the entire process for you, and they will meet important deadlines on time.

Nearly every service business these days has an online presence. Often, a third-party website will allow anybody to post a review online, so you can not always tell if a review has been posted by a troll or a person with a vendetta. However, a lot of reviews posted online actually are legitimate. They come from real customers who have used the service. You can check the reputation of your mortgage broker online to determine the level of satisfaction from previous customers.

Even when companies offer a very streamlined mortgage lending process, this is still a business where personal touch matters. It is not only a question of the numbers. The main focus has to be on keeping customers happy.

Location Is Important

Although your mortgage lender does not need to live close to you, you should ensure that the mortgage broker is located in the same time zone.

There can be occasions when tight deadlines must be met, and if you are closing a sale in the state of California, it will be difficult to coordinate schedules if your lender is located in the state of New York. If you are dealing with a cut off time of 11:00 a.m., you might not be able to reach the agent on time. If the lender in New York is finished for the day at 5:00 p.m., you will not be able to contact them from Los Angeles after 2:00 p.m.

Listing Agents May Complain

Online mortgage lenders like to say they offer fast communication and turnaround times, but they face rejection from listing agents frequently. This is often true if there are multiple offers from buyers for a particular home.

A listing agent will often tell the seller to pick the buyer with the best qualifications. An out-of-area broker will carry less weight that a local mortgage lender who is well known. It is not fair, but on occasion, a buyer will lose a dream home because the non-local mortgage broker is not known to the listing agent.

Appraisal Selection

Another possible drawback is how the appraiser will be chosen by the company. Is the appraiser familiar with the area where you wish to buy a property?

Borrowers can have bad experiences with the selection of an appraiser. An appraiser from a different city will not be very accurate appraising a home in an area they don’t know very well. Your appraisal may end up being too low, and thus cause problems that could have been avoided.

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